Last Words of the Caspian Tiger

December 2012
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I’ve been lying on the scorching desert sand for 4 days now, the gunshot wounds no longer hurt. You people say tigers are king of the beasts and that we know no fear, but when the world started to echoed with the sound of gunshots and our numbers started to decrease even we learned fear. The thoughts of my dead friends and the disappearing forest continually remind me that death is very close. I hope our tiger skins, bones and organs can heal you of your greed and cruelty.

Advertising Agency: Linksus, Beijing, China
Creative Directors: Polar Qiao, Liu Qiang, Gentrad
Art Directors: Polar Qiao, Sui ZhanFeng
Copywriters: Gentrad, Tian LinYan
Illustrators: Guo QingWen, Guo Ge
Photographer: G7studio

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Powerful and the style of old times traveler's notes is nostalgic and romantic.