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September 2010

Advertising Agency Bates 141 Jakarta, Indonesia

Print advertisment created by Bates 141, Indonesia for WWF, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

How much should we pay for this?
More and more elephants are being killed only for their tusks. Stop buying.

ECD: Hendra Lesmono
Copywriters: Iyan Susanto, Hendra Lesmono
Art Director: Andreas Junus
Account: Mohammad Rangga
Digital Imaging: Procolor
Photographic Studio: Lai, Groovy

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atb2005's picture
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So which ad came out first? This one or the other one by Ogilvy & Mather, Thailand? Still, beautiful execution...

ivan's picture

Not sure, was sent on the same day.

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That's just WERID.

Seriously, the exact same ad? From two different "agencies", on the exact same day?

Look. I know we have a problem with copycats in this biz (made much more obvious thanks to sites like this –props 2 Ivan!)… but this is the strangest I've ever seen.

I HOPE it's a coincidence. …the most coincidental coincidence in the History of coincidences.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

atb2005's picture
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The executions are slightly different, so it's not the exact same ad, and yes, it could be a coincidence. The idea is not that hard to come up with. I've seen far more astonishing coincidences. What's weird is that both ads were sent the same day??

sirvan's picture
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"What's weird is that both ads were sent the same day??"

What's NOT weird about the exact same ad, for the exact same "client", produced by two different agencies, released to the media on the exact same day?

I'm starting to think you don't eat your breakfast.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

atb2005's picture
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When you say the EXACT SAME, you imply that every single (little) detail is the same. I think English is not your native language, Sirvan. And just because the ads were allegedly sent "the same day" (Ivan should provide proof) does not mean they were made at the same time. Finally, we have WWF Thailand and WWF Indonesia. I am off to have dinner now.

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OH REALLY!! Hahahahahaaaa...Copy Cat..Copy Cat..Copy Cat!!

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Beautiful artwork.

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ahahaha this is funny who s the winner here?:))

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WOW!!!! what a coïncidence

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Wow! What a coïncidence!

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human conciousness. its getting stronger...

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very high insight , very high emotional

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This creates somewhat of an economic theory debate with awards. It's a beautiful idea and might get awarded... so if both enter both pieces of work in all the awards both will get knocked out and get nothing. However, if one enters into the awards and the other doesn't, then the one that does will win an award. But if it was thought the other would enter the award, then the other might not as it would be a conclusion that they would be wasting their money on the awards entry (as they would get nothing). But if it was assumed the other company wouldn't thinking this same thought then the agency definitely should enter.

I think it's like that economic theory in A Beautiful Mind. Chaos theory for advertising awards...

Ideally the best solution for both of these agencies would be to talk to each other and agree on which award show which agency gets to enter their work into.

I've seen this happen in one agency I was at. Work was identical for adidas from our agency and one from Germany... both won nothing in the big awards but they picked up in an awards show our agency didn't enter, and our agency picked up in a show that presumably they didn't enter...

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lol if you think this is coincidence I may sleep with your wife and tell you it just very unlucky that we ended up in the same bed

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beautiful piece of art, would fit good in my trophy collection

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Look at the detail of the art though, there is no way you could crave the art outside/above the tusk. The art director should do more homework on the art direction.

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You are absolutely right.

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its definitely to counter this, so they have proof that coincidence do happen....

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this is slightly worse (not proper word, I know) executed. But - yep: it really stunned me. I doubt coincidence in this case, but i don't know really.

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nice concept

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mind blowing


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The Thai ad is much better directed.

Some art direction notes: You can't carve things beyond the shape of the tusk so why have things sticking out. Typography is really standard, i.e., really poor. No typographer around?

WWF / newspaper? Local award shows coming up? How ethical is it to use an issue like this for the sole purpose of winning an award?

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NOT A COINCIDENCE, NOR COPY NEITHER, I think both arts were illustrated by Surachai Puthikulangkura from thailand ;) great illustrator , check his work

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great idea, very true....
and great execution

It's Possible If You Say So.

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it's actually came from the same regional agency, since Bates Indonesia is a sister company of Ogilvy Indonesia.

So, it's a same brand, same campaign, same agency, different country, different creative team..

awww.. my head hurts :(

Nike Diesel's picture
Nike Diesel
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I believe it's coincidence.
But still I also believe the creatives were highly inspired by the same visual concept somewhere... maybe both teams attended the same art exhibition!?