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Well I think it's not bad, furthermore, the copy is strong

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Methinks it's a case of style over substance. I wouldn't say it's exceedingly bad, but there's a lot that can be improved. The copy, for one. Is it translated for our viewing pleasure? Because it sure sounds a bit forced. The idea's a little shallow for all intents and purposes, and I do feel that the picture of a gorilla roaring doesn't necessarily convey "Rainforest cries out". My two cents.

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AD much overused but i do agree copy is nice

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me thinks
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I think I like both art and copy. For me, gorilla does represent the rainforest.

But at the end of it, I guess little body copy would really serve the purpose.

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The copy is much stronger than the visual, it's a waste to hide it at a side.

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Copy saves the day on this one...

"Sex sells. Truth even better." - A friend

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The italian patient
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archive 5/06 - page # 140

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Strong and powerful. The gorilla is associated with Rain Forests, and this one might also be crying. He is not necessarily roaring, like Spiderbear said.

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beautiful. love both the copy AND the art direction. A+

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I have to disagree with everyone who says the copy is strong here. I think it's a strong idea, but it's not written all that well. For starters, shouldn't it be "Rain forests cry out"?

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man there are no gorilas in the rain forest... what where they thinking.. forced artwork.

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yes, there are (there is rain forest in africa)

don't like the ad. there's a strong idea hidden in the copy but the art doesn't do it for me.

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