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man thurd
Activity Score 76

Horrible, looks like Peter.

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That One Guy
Activity Score 266

This is cool and different from what i have seen. But why would he be turning into a fish?

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Activity Score 3216

second cool and different. fish - rising water levels.

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Activity Score 396

Global warming inevitably melts the ice at the earth's poles. Ocean levels dramatically rise. Then, overnight, we all turn into fish-people.

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Activity Score 189

Why would you say it was cool if you didn't get it?

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man thurd
Activity Score 76

Looks like Val, Malantic, Ald, and company.

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That One Guy
Activity Score 266

I understood what he meant with the visual but perhaps the guy could turn into something else.

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Activity Score 830

Different concept, same idea. It's like putting that copy and the WWF logo on these ones:

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R. Rinaldi
Activity Score 686

Looks like Terence but more like Eugene and Mr. Bean.

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man thurd
Activity Score 76

No. More like Oliver, Karen and Jessi.

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Activity Score 749

nice but 2much!

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Activity Score 52

A bit far-fetched

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Activity Score 468

there are 200 % better ads on Global Warming than this one.

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Activity Score 842

Ugh! And, bad science. Worse advertising.

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Activity Score 192

Good stuff.. if am gonna turn into a fishy let me be a killer shark and those bastards propagating global warming will be bait

Strike two stones with one bird

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tamer samy
Activity Score 681

shit disgusting ad !! there were a lot of executions to do that in different way..

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Yeah? Like something pretty? That would be beside the point. It IS disgusting what happens to Earth.

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Activity Score 51

what is he? Is he "SELFISH" ????

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Activity Score 470

I've dated worse.

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Activity Score 92

cool idea, good art. only i'm mising gills.

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Activity Score 906

this mushrooms can be dangerous...dont take to much

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Activity Score 1404

this is horrible indeed

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Mahantesh G Harti
Activity Score 8

One day man become fish

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matt pugh lcc
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man thurd
Activity Score 76

Horrible, looks like Peter.

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Activity Score 541

This ad doesn't work.

Will anyone believe that climate change will change them at all during their lifetime?

I doubt it.

Add the fact that it offers no solution to the problem, other than to repeat that by now meaningless phrase and it becomes a simple exercise in nonsense.

Half art for the sake of art, half simple, ordinary fearmongering.

I think it's unlikely that a single person will change their behaviour as a result of this ad.

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Activity Score 2

Dear Simon,

Since it's obvious that you don't have a clue and as I am only here to help, let me enlighten you. It's advertising, not science. And the technique is called 'taking a leap'. It's an exaggeration, to make a point or get a message across. The point being that the whole earth will flood if we continue like this. Of course, this technique demands just a hint of imagination of the beholder. Which you obviously lack. My mistake, it won't happen again.

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man thurd
Activity Score 76

Jack Sotto look=alike.

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Activity Score 4

that one guy is a stupid

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Dusan Zica
Activity Score 116

Innsmouth folk.
finaly. : )

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Activity Score 2

wow this advertisement is very good... I like this ads very much :)

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Guest commenter

Has no one seen WATERWORLD? Mutant!

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Love the ad