WWF: Fireman

You can't afford to be slow in an emergency,
Act now for the planet.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy&Mather, Paris, France
Creative Director: Nick Hine
Art Directors: Eve Roussou, Daniela Nedelschi
Copywriters: Nick Hine, Chris Garbutt
Photographer: Carioca


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Great stuff.

Finally something fresh for WWF.

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more fake award show fodder. seriously, what do they expect these ads are going to achieve? "yes lets all act faster to, uhh, you know,....save the world and stuff."

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Ha... brilliant comment. Couldn't have put it better myself.

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one should not take life so seriously - as one will not come out of it alive.

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Good for WWF

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Good Idea. Great Execution.

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A totally new approach for WWF well done. Gets my vote>

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strong conceptually, and beautiful art direction (inspired by gregory crewdson?)
That's fu**ing true, what are we waiting for???

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A refreshing idea for a clothing store. Well done. I've never heard of "Clothes Mart" though.

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really like it.

laughed my ass off at the guy laughing his ass off at the guy with the shorts :D

Quite really.

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Great!!!! finally something diferent here!!!


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idea is worst... no use.. it wont work.. come up with something new please...

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i think there is a misunderstanding from the agency about what the WWF is.
The visual isn't about being slow, but rather about being careless

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Love it too! This campaign is so different from most other save the planet campaigns. The message is serious, but not the tone or art! You don't always have to scare people into doing something.

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HAHA! I love this approach! It took me a while to realize there was a fire back there... I just looked at the firemen and thought "What the heck are they doing?!?!?"

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Milan Solanki
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solid : )

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