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I love all of these - restrained and beautifully illustrated.

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this is very good and very true! Love it.

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Amazing illustration!!!!!! And it's subtly true.

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Amazing illustration!!!!!! I'm with u PP, yeah!!!

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mmm... turtle soup. would make a good ad for a restaurant.

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Good things come to those who wait, they say... This turtle soup must be delicious!

Now seriously, evolution diagrams and key diagrams have been used and abused. Even when the illustrations are well done, it doesn`t level the idea. C'mon guys, you are here to do what hasn't been already done.

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Nowadays, to our animal friends the most infact is not being killed out but even the earth environment getting worse and worse.

A bullet kills one, a pollution kill one group.

I am not to say it's bad. Only another better concept I think we can do to really help the WWP but not the prize for ourself!

I am also from China.

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