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"Wow" .... is my first voice to these visual, but when I look into deeply, I found I just cant prefer the retouching .
And same time , the idea looks too forced probably.
Well, that just my view, btw, nice try and cool tone.

jennywhx's picture
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shinigami again....the copy "save his life, save yourself" ....is disappointing.
but i like the way showing skeleton of the death god, especially the third one (beach).

bigbadfatmadafaka's picture
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Not new, bad Art Direction look at the dog s bite and hair... and still looks to stiff. I think they even cloned grimrippers hand and used it as feet. Bad crafting, Bad Idea.

There Is New Shit Under The Sun. There are still BigBadFatMadafaka ideas.

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No fixed abode
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I don't get it. Can someone explain why the WWF are encouraging you to save a dog's life in order to save your own? Are they saying that dog's protect you from death ie warn you about buses, tsunamis and fires? These are confusing.

Rog's picture
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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

me thinks's picture
me thinks
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Well said, Rog.

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Looks like a desperate effort! WWF is more about saving wildlife and not domesticated animals. I guess Shunya AD@Beijing should dig in more about what's WWF is all about. I also doubt if the ad agency got WWF to approve the campaign....they might get their ass sue for this as well.

Apart from the core strategy, the crafting (art direction, photography, typography) is all shitty and it's just college work! What's the blindman doing crossing the road while the red pedestrian light is on? The strapline just doesn't work. "Save his life, save yourself". Confusing. Save the blindman?

picturejockey's picture
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Are they trying to say that any streetdog can be trained to be a guidedog?


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Hrmmm.... Well, it is in China, and we know the stereotypes about chinese and dogs ..... *thinking* p e r h a p s they're trying to get people to stop eating dog (and by extrapolation all the other funny animals what ends up on the plate) ... because if we don't ... hmm. Nope, the idea still doesn't work for me. Maybe in China where the sensibilities are somewhat different?

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Baaaad photoshop, maybe they finish all the money for the firts two.

Stigset's picture
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looks like this guy is still going to get hit by the bus though.

puppiepoppy's picture
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Poor bugger!

mrtalented's picture
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oh, wait! dogs love bones. that's why the death looks yummy to him.

ivan's picture

Haha! You earned your nick today! :)

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Dick Huges
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I like the creatives names more than the ad itself:

Creative Directors: Doze, Joy liu
Art Directors: Guan zi, Bai qing

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Ese perro va a matar a ambos!
Dog is gonna kill both of them!

Que se hable español!

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I really like the photographic style presented here - the somewhat washed out colors - it is suiting to the image of the Reaper. I think great photography can make or break an ad and in this series, it is a help.

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dog biting the reaper's hand...what if he takes the dog...lol

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