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omg...best of 3 if ive got to choose with a 9mm on my head.

There Is New Shit Under The Sun. There are still BigBadFatMadafaka ideas.

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how often are we going to see this idea?

we've seen it at least thrice in the last 2 years, all for public service/environmental communication.

headline reads: save (trees/dogs/earth/skies/insertsomethinghere), save (lives/yourself).

back to the drawing board.

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I'm sorry. This is all dreadful.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Looks like a desperate effort! WWF is more about saving wildlife and not domesticated animals. I guess Shunya AD@Beijing should dig in more about what's WWF is all about. I also doubt if the ad agency got WWF to approve the campaign....they might get their ass sue for this as well.

Apart from the core strategy, the crafting (art direction, photography, typography) is all shitty and it's just college work!

It's odd having this feeling that maybe, maybe the dog is just keen with the bone of the GrimRipper? Someone, feed the dog pleaseeeeeeee.

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do you blow it too big???????????

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Very good artirection in the photo, not sure about the idea

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Feed your dog with dog food, not bone!

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just one question, if this happened(i mean the huge eagre), the lovely dog can save anyone's life, cant he? cant he? cant he?..............
Pls save me

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lovely art but for the concept there is some blur about it....

| Everartz |

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i don't think any dogs can save this poor kid from tsunami hitting that close. it's the proof that sometimes good photography can't rescue the weak ideas.

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Totally agree with mrtalented! Good photography (or a dog!) can't rescue a weak idea.

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who knows
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how wonderful this series is. it touched me at the first sence.

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ACK! Advertisements are supposed to make someone look immediately at your focal point in the picture.(the dog? grim reeper?)
But the first thing I saw is that blatantly obvious, putrid cloning job in the bottom left.

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Should have been "WTF:dog,beach" .
What ever did they expect to convey?

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