WWF: Day of the Dead, 3

Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School, Miami, USA
Professors: Jackie Anzaldi, Noel Potts
Art Director / Illustrator: Justin Steinburg


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nice art.

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Very topical design. I like it, even though it screams hipster.

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I feel one line of copy could've linked the topic of death and the endangered extinction these animals may be suffering. But alas they are, but students.

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Nice. It´s linked to the day of the dead in Mexico. The skull art they have there is classic. You should look it up.


Think. Then think again.

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Great concept and very nice art work.

Andrés Téllez V.

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I created an account just to comment on this.

Day of the dead is not a good concept for what they are trying to say.

"But the customs have different origins, and their attitudes toward death are different: In the typical Halloween festivities, death is something to be feared. But in the Día de Muertos, death — or at least the memories of those who have died — is something to be celebrated."

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The choice of candy skull art makes for a set of very arresting images. Really nice art.

The day of the dead reference seems apt to me. Our actions threaten wildlife. Losing iconic species from the planet is perhaps something to be feared rather than celebrated.

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