WWF: Circle of life

Advertising Agency: Grey Group, Singapore
Chief Creative Officer: Ali Shabaz
Art Directors: Alex Tan, Ang Sheng Jin
Production Manager: Bobby Koh
Copywriter: Joseph Cheong
Photographer: Kin Yee / Teo Studio
Retoucher: Felix Wang
Props Maker: Kin Yee

October, 2011


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Jaap Grolleman
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Yeah - it's lovely as an idea, and visual - but unlike what they show, it doesn't strike me. I still feel safe while cutting trees down.

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Very cool.

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works perfectly. the message is clear, but for me the guy there is too small.

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has been used before.. common idea

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Nice art. Great idea.

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What are you all raving about? If this was done by a student, you'd have said "first thought". Nothing really amazing.

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OK Einstein, let's see some of your work.

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Nike Diesel
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Don't call anyone a loser, especially if you can't spell correct.
Anyway, here's another one:

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Nike Diesel
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I thank you for correcting me :)

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hahaha, KOWU, you're such a child.

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nothing special imo.

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Simple. Surprising. Unexpected. Clear.

Awesome work.

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nice application of an already done idea, even at cartoons...

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Familiar concept, but different execution. Nice

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le roi
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Same idea, already done before. Why repeat the same work? Yes the ads is nice. But why doesn't find another way to tell the same concept.

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Nick Partyka
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We had the same concept too in a campaign done last month. Originally had the exact same idea for execution but opted for something more print friendly so we could make more pieces than just one:


P.S. Huge fan of this Ad, great minds think a like and their execution is super sexy.

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NICK, what did you mean by saying done last month? Are you still a student man, this place it's not for you....

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Advertising is very lively, easy to understand, simple, but often such a simple thing to do well is very rare. Sokoban works using the form, then turned down a full tip. Finally hit their own. very interesting I like it.

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message clear but concept overused !

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Wow, brilliant! Too bad it has been done before...

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Phil Indeblanc
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This is a theme that can be replayed in various ways. I wouldn't strike it for the idea, as circle of life is a theme almost like sex playing a roll. How you interpret this is key. I actually love the illustration..BUT the application is iffy for me.A bit static. Taking the trees out of nature and placing on seamless is nice visually, but makes the concept of cutting them OK, as they are not in nature anyway. they work as props. It detatches the viewer from the connection and relies on a bit comic/cartoon-ish thought of the tree striking back.

I still like it very much. Visually clean. not a slam, yet good.
A simple surrounding boarder of birds or species overlooking the scene without a place to live would help drive the idea back to the intention.

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There is absolutely no point in name-calling, especially on a forum like this. Loser? Hardly. NOTHING IS EVER completely original, it is the application that brings it into the realm of originality or creative.

Circle of Life. Unintended consequences. "What goes around comes around". Take your pick. I can think of a lot of cliches that would fit. I think the ad would have been more effective visually if it filled up more of the page. That's an awful lot of white space. I can't think of a reason to have so much white space unless the intention WAS to imply the disconnection of humankind (and our forests?) from nature. I also think that it would have worked better with larger images: fewer trees, bigger trees. The man is way too small, it's easy to miss what he is doing at first glance. I DO like that the ad makes you think. I also think that the WWF logo should be bigger, that would make it easier for the viewer to get the point. Perhaps the logo could be in the middle of the circle. All in all, a mixed critique.

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Lisbon freak
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Good, but we've seen o lot of these pictures making a round, haven't we?

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