WWF Canada: How many?

Advertising Agency: DraftFCB, Toronto, Canada
Creative Directors: Joe Piccolo
Art Directors: Joe Piccolo, Oliver Brooks
Copywriters: Chris Taciuk, Mike Richardson
Agency Producer: Kelly Cavanaugh
VP Group Account Director: Jeremy Marten
Account Director: Nadine McLean
Account Manager: Jessica Jaskula


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"Resources and pollutants"? This reads like a brief filled with big words and buzzwords. Not too inspiring.

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How many creatives does it take to screw up a print ad? Dozens by the look of it.

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Uh-oh. The video works so well. This is a preachy and very wordy lecture based on a simple joke. It's not going to work.

- The only thing more rare than a good ad is a good guest comment -

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Yawn! God! You can definitely do better than that!

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Wild animals pay a lot of our electric bills.

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Not nearly as creative as FCB's older WWF ads.

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Nice drop shadow...

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This feels like it was written by the Human Resources Dept of the client.
I can just see the copywriters frustration when they butchered his words and put in their own.
Bland, lame, boring, unless its on a subway or bus then Id have no choice but to read it 300 times.

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