WWF: Biodiversity And Biosafety Awareness, Rhinoceros

What will it take before we respect the planet?

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Paris, France
Executive Creative Director: Chris Garbutt
Art Director: Emmanuel Bougnères
Copywriter: Edouard Perarnaud
Art Buyer: Laurence Nahmias
Illustrators: Mathieu Javelle, Stephane Balesi
Photographer: Raphael Van Butsele
Typographer: Sid Tomkins
Advertiser's Supervisor: Jacques-Olivier Barthes
Account Supervisors: Benoît De Fleurian, Elie Sicsic, Nathalie Avedissian, Laurent Janneau


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very nice execution on this idea. Never seen anything like it. Great.

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Try Banksy

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Dr. Darm
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Ahm think about it. I makes sens with the polar bears. But it makes no sens with rhino or elephant because their horns are not tagged.

No hunter cares about their skin if their horns/teeth are ok.

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what does graffiti has to do with environmental damage?! the "environment" is not your env./habitat. graffiti is culture and art, not vandalism!

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OH, IS IT???,Then I guess its ok if some ARTIST scribbled his ARTWORK all over your house, right?, I guess you´d love that, right?


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there is tagging all over the animal - tagging is not art, tagging is just plain idiotic.

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Depends on the context that you do

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tagging usually revolves around self-identity, scrawling your nickname in an "attempt at graffiti" font - i have not seen it progress further than this, which is why i don't respect it.

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"graffiti is culture and art, not vandalism! ?????"... just tell me who you live dear guest because i would love to "graffiti" your car !!!!!
Concerning this campaign...it's just GREAT.

Simple ideas are the best !

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long life the urban art!!! inchesss tracys

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Good luck doing that to a rhino.

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if only they were done more realistically

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J'aime beaucoup le travail qui a été fait, mais bonjour l'amalgame de merde "graffiti = manque de respect".

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This is complete nonsense.....
It is yet another example of a corporate advertising agency trading on graffiti culture, negatively this time, whilst still maintaining an element of visual 'cool'.
This campaign only serves to propagate negative stereotypes of graffiti which in reality has been part of human history since the dawn of time. A means of recording, communicating and expression reduced to 'mindless vandalism'. Was it mindless vandalism when cave paintings were made at Lascaux or Creswell? I don't think that was 'urban'.

How can any one group/subculture be blamed for the transgressions of an entire planet?

The tag is being used as an icon of urban culture here and tars all artists who use aerosol or text or calligraphy with the same brush and implies that it is their fault that species are becoming extinct, which is utter nonsense. Even if it is to say that the message is about respect it still fails. Do advertising agencies respect the urban environment when they post 40' billboards of semi naked women to sell products?

It is the equivalent of me saying that everyone who is 'green' or has concerns for the environment/animals is a tree hugging, sandal wearing, soap dodging hippy with dreads and tie dyed clothes which is equally derogatory.

Let's all promote generalisations and negative stereotypes shall we? They should be ashamed

Hibon and Gi bo, it's your materialism that's destroying the planet. Stop worrying about your precious cars and houses....

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Simply brilliant.

"Nihil sub sole novum"

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