Wustenrot: Pregnant

Right now, it comes in handy.

Series of outdoor posters highlighting the range of products offered by Wustenrot Financial Services. Each motif is a snapshot of a life situation where a certain wustenrot product would "come in handy, right now". Ranging from Travel insurance to risk insurance, the campaign is meant to bring awareness that wustenrot offers more than a building savings account, and also introduces the "right now" campaign platform on a brand level.

Advertising Agency: Scholz and Friends, Praha, Czech Republic
Creative Directors: Leonard Savage, Tomas Kopecny
Art Directors: Leonard Savage, Richard Svarovsky
Copywriters: Leonard Savage, Jana Knetsche
Photographer: Jan Rambousek
Published: January 2012


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Wustenrot covers abortions?

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Akshaya Singh
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Either I have planned for my future or I have not planned for my future.... That's the bottom line...
How will Wustenrot Insurance cover this? ... Loved the second set but this is just pushing the idea to more than it's worth .. and killing it!

Amateur for life!

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Akshaya Singh
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That awkward moment when a spammer has more pencils than you : /
More Mods to keep the place clean please !

Amateur for life!

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look at the guys expressions...why is he happy???

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the girl is pregnant, but the ad still sucks.

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Andrej Troha
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Guy: "That experiment at our fertility research clinic, I was telling you about..."
Girl: "Yes..."
Guy: "Well it went a little wrong... I impregnated myself... u mad, baby?"
Girl: "Meh, no biggie, we are covered by wüstenrot"

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