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ajajaja zzzzooooooom!

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this one piece are best, as ambient

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It nice but all its doing is raising the profile of Monster.

If you think about it, if you needed a career change you can't just go on monster and become a surgeon or whatever, you would have to get to University and study etc etc..

not slagging it off as at the end of the day it puts monster out there but the actual thinking behind it is misleading!

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Chico Ribeiro
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What if you studied to be a surgeon but ended up with another job? could place you where you deserve.

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i'll buy that. i wish i am a copywriter. not an art director.
it's debateable, but i would love to try sumthing new if i think my work doesnt work on me.

that's my insight.

end of joy, enjoy

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Reminds me Barrichello! :-D

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And Button:)

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oh god!