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Excelente retoque digital. buen angulo de vista. AlkaSeltzer es mi amigo y me defiende.

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Like the in your face approach to these even though the retouching is a bit heavy handed. The cow one is a bit cryptic if viewed on its own.
Line is a bit jibberish. "Lucky for you theres Alka-Seltzer, or Thank goodness there's...." Anything would have been heaps gooder.

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At first glance, I though this was Chicken Elvis. I don't know if I like these - they're weird enough to catch your attention. They're growing on me.

As for the line, I'm sure it sounded fine in original Spanish. A lot gets lost in translation.

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Me gusta la idea, el retoque no me parece malo para nada y definitivamente no es una pieza fácil de ignorar...

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