Wrangler: We're animals, 4

Film editor Yannis Rachid

Advertising Agency: Fred & Farid, Paris, France

Executive Creative Director: Fred & Farid

Photographer: Jeff Burton

Photographer Assistant: Rob Hamada

Agency Supervisor: Fred & Farid, Daniel Dormeyer, Dushan Karageorgevitch, Paola Bersi

Advertiser Supervisors: Giorgio Presca, Dieter Jacobfeuerborn, Alessandro Vigano, Stephano Aimone, Adam Kakembo, Yasemin Akkaya,

Art Buyer: Marie Moulin

January 2010


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Fred: Yo Farid, we won a grand prix for Wrangler
Farid: No shit? They must've been drunk. Actually no, we're pretty damn awesome
Fred: I agree.

1 year later

Fred: Yo Farid, new brief came in for Wrangler!
Farid: Awesome. Light up that joint and let's get cracking.

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The best rock was created that way too! ;)

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jajajajajaja!!! I loved your comment!

FullyFlared's picture
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...so were some of the greatest campaigns...but this time...bad weed, i guess

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Jakarta Jack


sold's picture
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cannes gp 2009 was the worst ever
this work should never be awarded, not even shortlisted

Madeinmelmac's picture
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...a second campain of the same crap?...who gives a cannes gp to tha last wranglers campain? a f*ckin monkey? this work should never be awarded...

mrckais's picture
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yep. i wonder what would happened if you were looking for a job with this on your book, i guess you would never find a job


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ww.ww comment is the best comment ever hahaha.

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and yet again even more crap ... i think their new campaign should be we are crap :-)

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Amen to that one.

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I prefeer Wrangler style, than Diesel style... a thousand times!

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Jakarta Jack

You're wrong. Diesel has been very innovative for many years while Wrangler has now been proven to be a one-off. And the agency a one trick pony.

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Diesel "be stupid" last week / Wrangler "stop thinking" months ago! (copy/paste) what an innovation for Diesel!

Jakarta Jack's picture
Jakarta Jack

10 years ago Wrangler still had cowboys in their ads while Diesel was turning the world into a fun society for each and everyone. Diesel keeps perfectly on track with Be Stupid. Fred & Farid are copying Diesel's strategy but make their ads cool instead of silly. Still, Diesel was first with this strategy.

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Me too!!

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it's shit, another grand prix beckons.

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seriously how was this able to clear.... this campaign is just killing the brand

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