Wrangler: Stunt, 11

We are animals

Advertising Agency: Fred & Farid, Paris, France
Creative Director: Frederic Raillard
Photographer: Cass Berd

March 2011


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Do you know something about respect ?

This ad with actual context in Tunisia, Egypt, etc, proves you probably don't ...

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What d you mean?
There's wars and killing every day in every part of the world... so we shouldn't make ads with explosions and flames? Is that it? I mean, I would find a campaign around people sitting on the roofs of their flooded houses in poor taste right now, but this is a campaign about stunts... what's there to object about that?
I probably don't know anything about respect either then...

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Great campaign, I really like it!

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This campaign is bad, because no one seems to get it, including me... someone explain....

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Well you see, Mr. X., the campaign is about us being animals. So naturally, you set some people on fire and have them crash through office windows. Because that's what animals do.

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I did not know animals behaved like that, thank you.

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Reality Check
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Wrangler is for the animal IN YOU. And the stunt people are used as an expression of that communication.

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Yeah. But I don't really see the stunt people being an expression of that. For instance, if you show a person biting into a bloody steak. Ripping the meat apart. That might say "We are animals." Or a pack of kids running in a herd, dust kicked up everywhere. Hell....maybe it could even be hang-gliding.

But setting a person on fire doesn't really say "For the animal IN YOU", because animals don't set each other on fire...or anything else shown in these ads. Not that you're defending these guys. I know you're not. But even when you try to apply logic to it (and I appreciate your effort), it still falls short of any kind of message. Stuff like this might have (loosely) worked with Diesel's "Be stupid" campaign. But not for We are Animals.

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By the way, a man on fire will do the same.... except the firemen, but this is their job to face the fire.

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Reality Check
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Lacks any fire whatsoever.

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All style. No substance.

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eye-catchy but rather empty inside

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I don't get the connection between the jeans and the stunts. What message are they trying to communicate? This seems like the classical campaign designed by creatives but that doesn't help build a brand, nor sell product.

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Resembles last campaign on 'Global warming' from diesel. Both r stupid.


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WTF, the first and only thing that comes to my mind looking at this.

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James Michael
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I think the art direction is beautiful, but the ads seem gratuitous and irrelevant. I'm all for originality, and don't believe that an ad has to be high concept in order to be good, but I really don't see how this is effective marketing. In terms of awards, maybe they'll get awarded for being different, and if they do, it would be nice to know the reason behind the judges' decision. Can anyone tell me why they think this is effective marketing?

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well i dont see "we are animals" anywhere.. what i see is a prick from the 21 century doing some stupid stunt that nobody would relate to animals doings! it only proves that human sucks so does this campaign PERIOD

| Everartz |

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Well its only stunts...nothing else...

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As a few of the comments above, I don't really get it. "We are animals"? - Fine, but the people on fire makes little sense in regards to that.

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I agree, animals should be set on fire.


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Seems like the art director wanted to do something exciting but they couldn't find a headline to go along with it.

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