Wrangler RED: We're animals, 11

Advertising Agency: Fred & Farid, Paris, France
Executive Creative Director: Fred & Farid
Copywriter / Art Directors: Fred & Farid, Feng Huang
Photographer: Jeff Burton
Photographer Assistant: Rob Hamada
Film editor Yannis Rachid
Agency Supervisor: Fred & Farid, Daniel Dormeyer, Dushan Karageorgevitch, Paola Bersi
Advertiser Supervisors: Giorgio Presca, Dieter Jacobfeuerborn, Alessandro Vigano, Stephano Aimone, Adam Kakembo, Yasemin Akkaya,
Art Buyer: Marie Moulin


greysells's picture
38 pencils

wtf...frames from the TVC become a press ad campaign???!!!

Chori Arg's picture
Chori Arg
173 pencils

obviously no one knows the truth about this campaign. but now i have an idea. an impossible idea but.... no one knows.
i guess that if you have a very rare campaing such as this one or cadburys' gorilla and everybody applaude it at cannes, all the people will start to
pay more attention to it.
maybe that is this people target. cannes people so later the rest of the world loves it.

beigedogg13's picture
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Total garbage. If cannes like this, the judges are high. You can barely even read the tag & logo on the bottom of this one. Total shit.

flavourfish's picture
125 pencils

Why is the logo so important? Well, its not. The campaign says enough, so I think lots of theses could have done fine without a logo.
Well done Fred & Farid

beigedogg13's picture
76 pencils

If I was a client who paid good money for a shitty photo of some broad wading around in a pool of red goo without any glimpse of the product, I would imagine the logo would be important to me. If the photo was saying something conceptual about Wrangler it would be one thing, but all this ad says to me is "shit I really need a tampon."

flavourfish's picture
125 pencils

You think like a client. You should think like the audience.

WillyLatasa's picture
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I like this one because it continues with the previous campaign, men and women acting like real animals, im thinking in a croco in this one..

"Bright ideas bring better results"

loulou's picture
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exactly! we feel the tension, it's really good.

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