Woz footwear: Clown

Envy. Crafted in Italy.

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Dubai, UAE
Chief Creative Officer / Creative Director: Shahir Zag
Creative Director: Kalpesh Patankar
Copywriter: Shahir Zag
Art Director: Kalpesh Patankar
Account Executive: Carl Ghossoub
Account Director: Nazek Fawaz
Photographer: Tejal Patni
Retoucher: Gitten Tom
Executive Producer: Madhup Agarwal / Take One Productions


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378 pencils

to be on the jury in cannes, leading to these disasters! the worst ad GOLD, in the history of cannes

kleenex's picture
32936 pencils

I will agree with you these ads are bad.

damnson's picture
8528 pencils

This is horrific.

An axe murderer of ads.

pulchinela's picture
1102 pencils

Very GOOD!

MindDrift's picture
1133 pencils

Took me a while to notice the speech bubbles.
Too cryptic for the average consumer.

The Sad Punk's picture
The Sad Punk
25 pencils

too cryptic even for scam.

Gandalfthecat's picture
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Seriously though guys, what's going on here?

MindDrift's picture
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Kalpesh Patankar, the creative director behind this campaign, was in the press jury. Enough said.

baliais's picture
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Now every shit can win a Cannes

S.Shivaramakrishnan's picture
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Can someone please elaborate the concept behind this? I've been trying to figure these out for a while.

MindDrift's picture
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Woz shoes make people envious. The speech bubbles represent the insults thrown at the guy wearing the shoe :"Douche" "Pussy" "Gay"... Woz don't care if customers don't get their campaign, as long as the Cannes jury got it.

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