June 2009

Print advertisment created by Doug Agency, Canada for Worldwide Short Film Festival, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

Advertising Agency: Doug agency, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Doug Robinson
Associate Creative Directors: Ian Schwey, Steffan Barry
Copywriter: Andre Bell
Art Director: Solly Bulbulia
Photographer: Tyler Gray

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ruSh.Me's picture
Activity Score 109

Short attention span while "Walking" might not click with everybody... Something more engaging or requiring concentration would connect better, like driving(missing a turn) , or typing (typos at frequent intervals)!!

Guest's picture

That's being clueless. I think short attention span is more like reading a 100 page book in a whole year. Or more to exaggerate.

Short attention span means other things around you draw attention from what you are doing. Not missing a turn or typos. Typos are just mistakes.

Guest's picture

Is it short attention span or blindness?

Guest's picture

Really bad and why have all the people in the ads look so fucking goofy? Makes it look like a festival for retards.

mattlittlegym's picture
Activity Score 342

How about something miniscual taking a doctors attention away from a patient during a surgery or something..? You guys need to concept a little longer than a minute on these.

Dev Kumar's picture
Dev Kumar
Activity Score 834

Are they trying to say that short films are only for folks with a short attention span? Why would anyone be as naive as to limit his/her market with a stand as ridiculous as this??? And when you add the visuals to this copy it goes everywhere but to the short film enthusiast.

Ohkamp's picture
Activity Score 228

Love the images but I also don't quite understand how it relates to having a short attention span. It is almost like they are all focusing on something else really intently and not seeing the objects they're walking into.

knockout3's picture
Activity Score 56

Not sure why but I find these hard to look at. Must be the floating eyes. I also dont like headlines that are questions

Guest's picture

mmmm... i'm not sure...