Worldwide Short Film Festival: Men

Advertising Agency: Doug agency, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Doug Robinson
Associate Creative Directors: Ian Schwey, Steffan Barry
Copywriter: Andre Bell
Art Director: Solly Bulbulia
Photographer: Tyler Gray

June 2009


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Is it short attention span or blindness?

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I believe that the first thing many would get from this is blindness. Although a "short attention span" could mean that the three people depicted in the ad could only concentrate on the object they bumped into for a short period of time.

My minor problem is that the visuals shown here are a wide stretch from watching a short film. As someone said, a visual of something like a person in a room with 100+ 25 page books or something would have been a step forward. If a person walking sees a tree and loses focus and thought of it by the time they get close to it, who is to say these kind of people wouldn't walk out before these short films even start?

Just my opinion.

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i dint get it... visual doesnt go wit copy..

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The insight is good but unfortunately the executions just aren't clear ... nor clever and let the insight down.

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would've been better if he went to a lady's room and came back withe a slap on his face

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Silly. Nothing else.

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Oh dear, opportunity missed and by a mile! The art direction is terrible too.

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