World Wildlife Fund (WWF): 55 minutes

Advertising Agency: DraftFCB, Toronto, Canada
Creative Directors: Joe Piccolo
Art Director: Joe Piccolo
Copywriter: Chris Taciuk
Additional credits: Jennifer Nagle, Jeremy Marten, Jessie Sweeney, Victor Carvalho
Published: March 2009


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"just commenting to gather points i love free drinks"

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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Oh god, another compliment about the copy.

This concept is unclear. What is it, an inside joke about premature ejaculation? Starting to feel sorry for the ladies of Toronto.

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Hey "guest" stop criticizing, well, anything. The copy is great throughout the campaign. It's a copy driven ad, sorry to the art directors who got their feelings hurt because you weren't needed on this particular project. The concept is very clear. And if you are going to use God's name in vain, at least properly capitalize it.

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Sex ads about premature ejaculation. Great for saving the world right?

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I can spot numerous redundant words in this headline. The copy isn't so good.

If the concept is clear to you, could you please explain it to the rest of us mere mortals?

Maybe it's about jerking-off, something a lot of Canadian guys would be experts on I'm sure.

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i think the whole campaign is just great, nices copies

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Really like this campaign, and the headlines are definitely not too long. That's a typical Art Director/Designer response. They're interesting enough for people to read them. Yes, you could lose a few words here and there and convey the same message, but you'd lose the overall tone of the campaign, which (regardless of what you think of the individual ads - some of which I subjectively prefer over others) is consistent throughout.

Good, light-hearted copy, which is rare on environmental ads.

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"Yes, you could lose a few words here and there and convey the same message"

So why didn't you?

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Because you'd lose the tone. Like I said in the second part of that sentence. Guess you've actually proved your point then... some people really do turn off after the first couple of words. Well done for getting so far.

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honestly, i don't get the line. is this suggesting sex? cause if it does, it's kind of lame

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