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as a copywriter, I personally like this kind of ads
it reminds me of the old days...
hooking headline but the body lost me

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it's engaging, a bit too long but theres some nicely different about the way its written.

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the premise doesn't ring true to me.
if water were gone, we'd be dead, not drinking sweat, which we can't produce without water intake anyway.
and not commemorating 'world water day' ? are you seriously suggesting water will suddenly get more if we only waste less? that will never happen, all we can do is stop it from getting worse. or attempt to do so.

sloppy writing, asha advertising.

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can you imagine how ugly and disgusting is it when we have to sip the sweat? it wasnt meant here precisely that "we will drink our sweat" per say but its to bring out the feeling that we all should care for water consumption, besides there are other ways for scaring us " as human beings" from death, dehydration possibly is the least threatening one i pre assume.. at least i would say this is a nice try from asha advertising to contribute in the water consumption awarness in their region.

| Everartz |

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Really bad typography.

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Liked it. keep it up.

Mukesh Lekhwani

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Mr Hughes
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"Bath by bucket" Are they having a laugh?

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