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Gotta think fast and be quick.

Gym won't help you with that.


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For hire and desire ... http://www.prettymorning.co.uk

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And to "be quick" you better have physical fitness. This guy looks like he's ready to go to sleep for a week, never mind having the energy or wherewithall to chase after and pick up all those papers.

Like these ads alot!

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awww...look at his face, i feel bad for him!

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• ω •
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a nice change of target audience..great stuff!!

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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This actually took me just a little longer to get.
But I guess it all makes sense. When you're fit, you're more nimble and agile.

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The weakest of the three cos bending over and picking up paper doesn't really require much stamina. Overall though, very strong campaign. Well done.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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That's what was tripping me up at first.
But I don't think this one is talking so much about physical strength as your reflexes.

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this one is not as good as another two. it looks like this guy just got fired.

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Yeah, he looks like he needs a bar more than a gym.

Worst one out of the three but overall I think its a brilliant and refreshing campaign.

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Fk Mikenj
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first though: Einstein ;)

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