World Food Programme: Well

Freeing them from malnutrition and poverty is in your hands.

Advertising Agency: Publicom Lowe Honduras
General Creative Director: Juan Jesús Martínez
Art Director / Illustrator: José Luis Estrada
Creative Director / Copywriter: David Cruz
Other additional credits: Graciamaria Espinal

January 2008


muxa's picture
602 pencils

The one from right can keep her fingers at poverty.

askon's picture
433 pencils

Good eye

-- 9 out of 10 dentists agree that most people will believe any statistic you throw at them.

Audrius Kubrik's picture
Audrius Kubrik
828 pencils

..finding an almost-empty bottle of nail polisher in the garbage.

too simple, but works for me.

onestepahead's picture
97 pencils

where is the water going?

EscolaElisava's picture
106 pencils

now show the teacher some other ideas

justeelona's picture
27 pencils

i saw a duck at the first time ....
eating the girl's eyes . got to get the angle right though . missleading .

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