World Asthma Foundation: Alley

Asthma can attack you anywhere.
Knowing your symptoms could save your life.

Advertising Agency: Bates PanGulf, UAE
Creative Directors: Prasanna Hegde, Richard Nugent
Creative Group Head: Rajaram Ojha
Art Directors: Abdul Shafeek, Vidhu Pv, Haja Mohideen
Copywriter: Sheldon Serrao
Published: March 2012


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if it can attack me anywhere, why do you show me places where I also could be robbed, murdered, kidnapped etc?
show me places where I least expect it...

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Divesh Mehta
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Are you drawing analogy between incidents in dark alleys and asthma ?

Unclear image...clear copy!!!!

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would have been better... not working, not appealing...

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