World AIDS Day 2009: Hitler

AIDS is a mass murderer.

Advertising Agency: das comitee, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Director: Hans Weishäupl, Dirk Silz
Photographer: Uwe Düttmann
Published: September 2009


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Oh no!

I'm so tired of seeing Hitler, Saddam Hussein and Stalin in all these prints.

It feels so done and boring.

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I would probably feel very offended I was an HIV positive. I believe the theory of not tabooing AIDS because then the infected ones will not tell. Better tell and be precocious than having someone afraid of telling and not protecting himself.

Like the art direction though and good photoshop work!

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good point. though i think also people with HIV would agree having unprotected sex would make them real assholes. but this concept says YOU have to protect yourself from these bastards.

btw: are there no mass murdering women?

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I´m just tired of Hitler-ads... And I definetely agree with Signe_S. it makes HIV positive infected people look very bad and mean.
face Illustrations are bad as well. girls are hot though, but that doesnt make it any better, sorry.

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All what I see in these ads is not about AIDS. They are saying: "sex is a mass murderer". But why?

Anna Turkiewicz Advertising Agency
imagination powered by knowledge

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capton john
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Agree with Arkadiusz, this ad is messaging about sex NOT AIDS because by having sex you'll not be infected by AIDS if you are aware about precautions. By the way good photoshop work.

Think, Act, Invent.

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So, so, so bad.

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ok. dumbest campaign of the decade. hands down. I'm surprised the headline isn't "Aids, Ass murder" F minus

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ok. dumbest campaign of the decade. hands down.

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Absolutely scandalous and outrageous. Do HIV seropositive people will like this f**** ad ? I don't think so.....

The art direction is so bad I would think it's a college work.

This ad must be banned.

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There´s only one thing in this ad. The hand in the pussy.


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oh boy....How drunk were these guys when they came up with this.?

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Yeah, this would be very offensive to people living with HIV. The campaign is implying that the infected person is like Stalin, Hitler and Saddam. Terrible idea. I can't believe they let this go to print.

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There is so much wrong things in this ads... I can't even believe it.

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The next thing is gonna Micheal Jackson

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hey you already won with your "faces of evil" and now you put them in an ad. Very creative...not


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verey very very baaaaad art direction, idea could be good

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Mass Murderer?!? WTF?!? Who? The atomic bomb? What? Forced like nazi...

For the fame!

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ach mein gott das ist ja quatsch. shamefully insipid work. and totally ineffective.
way to waste money, have no impact, and bring shame on your 'agency'...

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I have gotten more stupider having seen this campaign

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i love the tits

outsmart me, if you can

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Once again Germany demonstrates why it's known for it's fabulous sense of humour.

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Hey, guys> Where's Alexander Bikov? I lurrrve his comments.

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Using Hitler in an argument automatically makes you lose.
Using Hitler in an ad makes you FAIL.

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Wannabe shocker. It´s the guy´s third project involving Hitler. No ideas?

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worst campaign i ever seen. and i have seen so many...

easy to say "art director".

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where is flipping bush, tony blair, dick chiney, bejyamin netanyahu, ehud barak, n other israeli leader who r far worst then des individuals, btw aint ws nt as popular at der times as nw so i think he ad agency shud put some israeli leaders and bush

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A stranger abroad
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Your spelling and grammar are a perfect match for the insight and intelligence of your views.

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dick Cheney would have been great on this... ha.

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It is effective in making people think. Will you put your condom on, or think twice before you do it next time.

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Wael Azzam
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not agin , nooooooooooooooooo

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Looks like Hitler's penetrating deep into foreign territory here.

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very bad idea. I mean what do the author want to say with this picture? All people who are suffering under HIV are bad persons? Omfg....
I can't believe it…i've never seen such a bad campaign before…

Furthermore I wanted to add that not all germans have such a bad humour ok!? :'D

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the work is good but why the hitler or saddam? why not george bush or Al-quayeda leaders????


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Нананаа very, very, very stupid

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Soooo, I'm a copywriter and yet I noticed this Art Direction fail: the hands on the bottom that are grabbing her crotch (excuse my crude language but then again the ad is crude) is NOT Hitler's hands. Because it's too delicate to be (and not proportionate to his biceps). WHOSE IS IT? HERS? Why would she be touching herself, isn't her hand behind him??? Surprised none of the art directors have pointed this out. With all due respect, this ad is not just offense but badly executed.


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