Worksafe Victoria: Eye

It doesn't hurt to speak up.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Melbourne, Australia
Creative Director: Nigel Dawson
Art Director: Peter Becker
Copywriter: Nigel Dawson
Photographer: Hugh Peachey
Prosthetics and Effects: Nic Dorning
Published: October 2008


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Yeah. It seems completely pointless to run a campaign on the dangers of workplace accidents while showing the effects of workplace accidents. Which sensible person thought this up? Damn you! Damn you for not thinking of a solution involving plasticine bunnies or horses surfing! Damn you to hell!

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You are missing the mark slightly... the idea isn't just in the visual, it's in the headline. The line explains how this happened, and the tagline tells you the solution.

The message isn't just "be careful or you'll end up like this".

You may not like it, but you're not a blue collar worker on minimum wage under a strict foreman. This ad speaks to the target audience, and effectively so. This is responsible advertising.

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Guest commenter

is it photoshop?

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Prosthetics and Effects: Nic Dorning.

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excuse me

It's part of a whole campaign.. the TV and radio ones are really good.

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Not as good as the other two. but it's OK

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