Worksafe Victoria: Burnt

It doesn't hurt to speak up.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Melbourne, Australia
Creative Director: Nigel Dawson
Art Director: Peter Becker
Copywriter: Nigel Dawson
Photographer: Hugh Peachey
Prosthetics and Effects: Nic Dorning
Published: October 2008

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STRONG ! (2)


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It's real or photoshop?

(Quicktime, please)

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Got you there man. ;)

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Guest commenter

so they saying people with disfigured bodies look stupid, thats not offensive to the injured people and there families at all! this is a stupid and not thought through properly at all...Look at what nike did for there paralympic campaign now that was brilliant, non offensive and well thought through.

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i don't believe am explaining this, they are saying don't be afraid to ask, don't be afraid to look stupid asking for instructions again and again because the alternative might be this.. ( you know, work place accidents).

you need to take the little grey cells for a spin buddy,

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Guest commenter

BUDDY they say "i thought id look stupid if i asked again"...aka but look how stupid i look now! Dont be so protective over your work, this is not worth getting upset about they shit ads.

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I absolutely see your point here, but I dare to say that this is your very personal interpretation. In my opinion, "So don't make my mistake and ask!" works perfectly instead of "But look how stupid I look now!"

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This provoked a jaw drop from me. I like the message. "It doesn't hurt to speak up" is pretty nice.

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que asco

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Strong message.
Nice work guys!

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ziad hamdan
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I am a visual art student at Footscray community arts centre and a social worker who has worked in rehab wards. I ahv efound your pictures very disturbing and had to serchthe netto v find out f they were "real" peole or actors I am interested in art with a message -do you consider your work as art or advertizing ? do the people who put the add togher see themselves as artists ? Do you think there is anything fundanmentally different between art and advertizing since andy warhols campbell soup images ?

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So what they are saying and showing here is that it is better to look stupid asking the same questions or just a question in general over and over until you fully understand what it is you need to do and how to do it the right way so that you do not get hurt at work. In this case they are saying that this lady felt that if she kept asking questions they would think she was stupid. Now she more than likely feels even more stupid for not asking the question and is now scarred for life because she didn't ask!

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