Workplace Health and Safety Queensland: Guillotine

Dangers lurk in every workplace.
We help you avoid them.
Let's not meet by accident.

Agency: Gallery, Brisbane, Australia
Creative Director: Anthony Douglas
Art Director: Aaron Nielsen
Copywriter: Jonathan Cant
Illustrator: George Dedic
Photographer: Erik Williamson
Retoucher: Justin Overall (ION)


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Christ! Are we talking to 17 year old apprentices who bring their PS2's to work.

good enough isn't good enough

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Actually Rog. I think we are talking to 17 year old apprentices. I don't know about the PS2 to work thing however. That would be just silly. You should know better than that! How could someone operate a guillotine and a PS2 at the same time??? Silly boy.

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Joe Harris
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why is this ad even on here. Desi? Please....

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Oh the humanity

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