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i like these ads. not sure about the execution.

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Ad Junkie At Large
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i think the idea is kinda funny but the execution on this was kinda sucks,,at least put some people who are in some sort of shape in the ad so it's not gross to look at

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that's really lame... u can tell award shows deadlines are coming up. lots of fakes in the making...

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its gettin' hot in here!

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Charlie Pratt
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I don't think this really speaks to the wool-buyer, but then again, maybe I'm out of touch.


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this is such a dull concept... "You won't wear anything else."
i mean, if this is the brief, shoot the planner. and the creatives who accept such a thing.

if you went some steps forward, maybe you would discover WHY i won't wear anything else, and then maybe you would have a more interesting thing to say and show. or maybe not.
but unfortunately you stopped at the very first concept, a boring one (and very used).

for the boring brief, the ads are ok (i mean, as boring as the brief), but certainly there's gotta be something smarter to say about this product.

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You won't wear anything else
I can still see ...them with clothes.....They could show jungle man with the piece of small wool instead his banana leaf...I hope that would speak ....the idea...here it seems unappealing....

"No think is impossible"

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they looks like clowns.


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