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Very bad work. The art is awfull.
This idea was ok 10 years ago, when someone did "dress to kill" for Wallis.

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I think of three different message from this ad
1. The driver's boobs' so big that she cant handle the steer
2. The driver's a man and is distracted by a woman's boobs
3. Wonderbra boobs are like air bags so it may save your life if you get into an accident

maybe it should use some copy, problem is, wonderbra ads never use copy

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Tasteless! And it's not according to the tone & manner of the brand! The creative director should be shot.

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agree with u hand. there can b so many meanings.. not a single take out.

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Creative Director: Zhangqiang, Nm Jiang
Art Director/Copywriter/Illustrator: Nm Jiang

that`s what happens when 1 man does 3 works all together (

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1 man doing 3 duty....3 mind trying to think in one body. That's why there's no single minded take-out from this campaign.

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exageretly bad.

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This is the result when one person tries to do the work on 4! Creative Director, Art Director, Copywriter, Illustrator....well, I bet he's the client as well.

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This is terrible.

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1. school work.
2. now i know why china agencies need talents from malaysia & singapore.
3. they don't know what is team work. CD, AD, Copy?
4. wonderbra or scam.
5. rethink & redo.

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they simply forget that women are the target market .... well, 3 guys in a cramp room, brainstorming for ideas ... NOWONDER ;p

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