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Very subtle, but once you get it, it's hysterical.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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There's nothing to "get" here. This is not as conceptual a work as you make it appear to be.

Okay so they've done the "gawking" thing (where people stare at an off-camera boulder-holder wearer with mouths agape), why don't we this time just cover their eyes? Yeah, that's it! I just hope people get it...


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LOL. No it's not "conceptual". It's a wonderfully delayed message. You have to work through it to put it all together - it's not like someone is running a big arrow from the guy's eyes to the logo to ram the point home. That's part of its charm.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Actually, it IS a conceptual piece. It's just that it's not as great as you make it seem to be, is all. (Why am I repeating myself? Hmmmm.)

That Wonderbra ad with a shot of female feet wearing two completely different shoes maaaaybe made you work a little to get to the payoff.
But this? I'm just sorry you had to "work through" this tripe to put ALL the different intricate pieces together...

I hope it was well worth your mental gymnastics.

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Man, it must be tough to be so jaded 24/7.

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shut the Fuck up, seanmartin. your wankerous comments have singlehandedly put me off visiting this website forever.

as regards to this ad, however, the message is not as delayed as you make it out to be, period.

i sincerely hope you stop commenting on ads forever, wanker.

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rowr. hiss.

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I don't get it.

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i get it.
but shouldnt it be other way round?


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Not creative... just dull.

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Methinks Wonderbra needs to move on to a new campaign...

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Quite right. Is there any woman out there, or guy, who doesn't know Wonderbra gives you big boobs? I think 10+ years of the exact same campaign (thanks Beattie) have done their job, but let's move on, please.

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They've had much BETTER ads imo, this is one of their weakest actually
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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I dont get these at all. What-even the kids think that they're so big that they are scary? they know their dad likes them? what?

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Please help me... don't get it

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This really isn't a great Wonderbra ad!

O.k we're all used to seeing adults covering the eyes of their children if they're caught looking at something they shouldn't be. And now it's reversed. Whoppee F%***in doo!

At least with the ITV 'Love Island' poster where we see an adult parrot covering the baby parrot's eyes from the supposed raunchiness of the human lovemaking that appears to be going on, the wit is expressed in a humourous way. (Unfortunately I couldn't find that ad!)

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I really love these ads.
the best Wbra ads ever !!!!

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