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Interesting idea... but my big question, and the difference between wasted ad space and a unique experience is: how many people exposed to this ad would actually have a pair of red/blue 3D glasses with them when they see it? Unless this is being presented a) along WITH glasses included or b) in a location that somehow has an audience prepared for this, then a lot of its impact will be lost.


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It's not about having the 3D glasses nitwit. It works extremely well like this.

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Hoooray for Wonderbra

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The idea came through fine with or without the glass. Better without the glass, in my opinion.

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again, great concept, art direction and photography, and these ads prove that clever bra advertising can be done and directed to the actual target market: WOMEN! instead of boys!

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Done. Exactly the same idea, excatly the same product.
Check D&AD 1997.

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