Women's Refuge: Steps 4

The path to domestic violence happens one step at a time.

Advertising Agency: HooperNagel, Auckland, New Zealand
Art Director: Jonathan Horner
Copywriter: Jonathan Horner
Typographer: Ben Fraser, Geoff Francis
Photographer: Jeremy Blincoe
Retoucher: Jeremy Blincoe, Brent Backhouse
Model makers: Jonathan Horner, Brent Backhouse

May, 2009


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john ler
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clever insight, great copywriting and nice art direction... way to go guys !

_yan_'s picture
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A bit forced although I like the concept.

Guest's picture

I don't get it???? What dots am i supposed to connect???

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Nice art direction. Next time i suggest that you might add an idea.

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1:14 - If I had a dollar for every time I heard that unsubstantiated claim...

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very good copy from the linguist point of view. but the background is too messy it's hard to read the words. Does it have to be so fancy to bring the message across?

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Oh!! Amazingly appealing! But then I am a word's person.. Not many might get the idea.

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