Steps 2

May 2009
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The path to domestic violence happens one step at a time.

Advertising Agency: HooperNagel, Auckland, New Zealand
Art Director: Jonathan Horner
Copywriter: Jonathan Horner
Typographer: Ben Fraser, Geoff Francis
Photographer: Jeremy Blincoe
Retoucher: Jeremy Blincoe, Brent Backhouse
Model makers: Jonathan Horner, Brent Backhouse

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I second bathsheba. Working on campaigns for violence against women gives you a real insight that not all abusive relationships have to be physical, and that those relationships deteriorate over years: they snowball.

I don't think the ad says you should be skeptical about any relationship you begin. Rather, it says that ALL relationships have the potential to turn nasty bit by bit and women should be educated on what unhealthy behaviour in relationships are.

The execution is good, not great. I agree that it's not a Cannes winning campaign but the agency would have paid for EVERYTHING to get these ads out and I think the tone is 100% spot on because it's not a campaign aiming to make people feel sorry for women - it's a campaign for women to be aware and educated on healthy relationships.

Good work bathsheba.


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