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Great insight, but the ad can go so much further.

Jonathan Betancur

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nonetheless zafra.. they've picked a "not very smart" pictures to show the importance of timing, art is not a wow! layout needs a lot more to highlight the message which is not coming across.. for example they could have made it look like a real shot with the focusing point or area and the red recording button.. etc..
this is lame and not working for me..

| Everartz |

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Saeed Salem
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i think they should go for an extreme visual... like making her topless

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I like the concept a lot.
by far the best execution is the 'workers'. why? because they use the famous photo which wouldn't exist if the moment was missed. and this is the way to go: using Marylin Monroe with her skirt down, explosion of Challenger (OK, maybe a bit too far) and other famous photos.
this way they could get a fabulous series.
this way and with improved design ;-)

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some photo's better than others. i can see rights management getting in the way. because its a real ad. unlike all the singapore and dubai ads on this website. good job.

evarartz probably works in pharma. or is a student.

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Timing is something. Bad Photoshop is another. This could look better.


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the fact that so much is being said,in itself says the ad works!

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