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Ohhh kay..I'm a bit slow, somebody help. What's the idea?

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It says that sony handycam will save all details of our living moments.

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Buy a Sony handicam and a plastic surgeon will scoop out your face and replace it with a cheesy vacation photo for free. Seems pretty straightforward.

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the mighty ham
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LOL! ^^^^^

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the mighty ham
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tragic handicam accident obviously.

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does look like it.

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Claus Thaler
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Looks a bit scary.

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It simply doesn't fit.

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I understand the Sony style but really the idea isn't clear and the retouching is very mediocre.

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This is Robocop minus the guns, the armor, and the balls.

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OAKKKKK..... It’s horrible....

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Like it or not the ad did it's job as it made you stop and look.

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That's not enough, man.


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The first job of any ad is to cut through the clutter and grab viewers attention. You cannot convey your message other wise.
It seems everyone took away SONY and HANDYCAM so it was a success.

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Too Many Shoes
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ahhhh, no, it's an ad that has been featured on an industry specific website, inviting feedback and
comment. That's what made me stop and look.

Who is the target audience? Parents frightened of not being able to remember details of family holidays? Is the message video is better than photographs at recalling all the details of your precious memories? That's how I see it, but I don't think the copy supports this supposition.

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could be good, but this kind of idea needs super perfect image treatment.
we've seen too many playstation ads from tbwa to accept this.
too bad, i liked the idea...

do it again, c'on

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I have desire to vomit!

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evn i didn't get d ad still have to thank d team coz i got a new idea in all efforts 2 understand this ad

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but still waiting to understand this 1

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