November 2006



Bleeding gums? Paradontax

Client: GlaxoSmithKline, Singapore
Advertising Agency: Grey Global Group, Singapore
Client Service: Jimmy Teo, Cindy Khaw
Creative Directors: Koh Hwee Peng, Justin Lim
Art Directors: Elsa Peck, Koh Hwee Peng, Nick Tan
Copywriter: Justin Lim
Photographer: Photolibrary, Ric Tang/Shutterbug
Retoucher: Evan Lim/Magic Cube

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William Bernbach - An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it.

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maybe you should leave comments in your native will probably make more sense.

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yea, visually, it does look the same.

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i think it is over exaggerated.
look like create for creative.

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Activity Score 103

hey ivan,
i have sent ads that are far, far better than these. u can put these stuff up, but not mine? can i have an explanation pls.?

ivan's picture

That's because what's good and what is bad is subjective. I wish I had a rational, completely objective mind, but I don't. Nobody has, unfortunately. Now, pls upload your work in the exhibition section and let's see what the readers say.

Btw, sorry if I offended you by not uploading your campaign. It's a tough job to say no, believe me.

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your comment is a little racially discriminatory, the_ashlands. you shouldn't
leave comments like that in any tongue, brother.

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how do you know that person isnt the same race as you or me? sorry if it offends but i just dont see the point in leaving a comment nobody can understand...brotha

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drunk dave
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English is not his/her first language, but it is the medium of this site. Please don't comment on those who can't speak english, spell or express themselves very well, they are trying very hard... how's your French on that froggie ad website? Sorry just checked that you're from America, which means you already know everything. What's the capital of Armenia? How do you spell colour and is Bush a retard? All important questions when criting an ad.

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if i cant comment on a post that is inconcernable then you probably shouldnt pretend like your so much better than everybody else. secondly how do you know this individual is trying so hard? and why the hell do you care? if they post a comment that makes no sense, what is the purpose of posting it in the first place?

also, i spell colour the same way you do...colour.

and....bush IS a retard. just because he's in office doesnt mean i voted for him. but then again, your from s. africa so you already knew this...right?

how about we keep our comments germane to the ad with which they appear? and i will try to learn broken english.

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"maybe you should leave comments in your native will probably make
more sense." ok, do you suppose it'll make more sense to you or me if his native tongue happens to be shangaan..or swahili...or persian? cmon...of course yours was a racist comment. forgive me if i pointed that out to you, brother :)

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first of all, im not a racist. just because somebody speaks a different language doesnt mean they are of a different race than myself. secondly, i said the "it will probably make more sense" bit was because maybe some of us speak this persons native language. i dont see why some people in this little forum get so easily offended, aren't we all open-minded artists around here?! a thousand apologies if i'm coming off as an ass...but seriously, lighten up!

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woi diam ah bangsat... macam ko pandai sangat je...

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Minta maaf....

i sure hope you didnt just call me a scoundrel.

Nama saja Melayu, budi bahasa tadda.

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