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Can someone translate this headline in English please.

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haha... yeah... the illustration's tight, even if it doesn't make a lot of sense, but it'd be cool if they just left the copy in portuguese (hopefully, this is just a terrible translation and an english speaker did not pen that copy)...

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seriously beatuiful art

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Maybe I can explain the headline better...
They don´t want to curse (rather, blame) the men for endangering the Wolves just because the mens Mother is still the nature. They do something like an analogy with a brazilian idiom which means more a less "son of a bitch". So, if they call the man "son of a bitch", they´ll offend the mother nature.
The headline must be better in Portuguese...
I hope this comment helped someone...

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thanks andre_uksp,
your explain really make sense!

laugh at all corner of the country

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beautiful art, good copy. i'm not sure they go together, though.

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