WMF: Potato

The art of peeling thinner.

Advertising Agency: KNSK, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Tim Krink, Kay Eichner, Ulrike Wegert
Art Director: Julian Heidt
Copywriter: Dieter Kolaja
Illustrators: Julian Heidt, Albert Bauer Companies
Photographer: Peter Backens
Graphic Designers: Julian Heidt, Sarah Stowasser
Account Manager: Kirsten Kohls

January 2011


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i love the art direction... is good congrats

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himanshu prabhakar
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Lovely art !!

Himanshu Prabhakar

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Sorry, but this is horrible. It's almost impossible to read. And I would love to hear from anyone who wants really thin potato peel. Wouldn't this actually mean it takes longer to do one of the most tedious cooking chores? If it was for a specialist dish I could understand it, but this is listed under the 'at home' section of their website. Very puzzled at the thought behind this.

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I love it, a bit hard to read but still looks great. And yes curiouspencil I'm one of those people who want a peeler that peels thinner potato peel! I guess the point of this peeler is that it peels better, thus saving time even if you want thinner potato peel. That's way too many peels for me to deal with right now, but love the campaign!

keeping the right side of your head warm. http://thethinkingtoque.blogspot.com

CuriousPencil's picture
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There is obviously a hidden world of peelophiles I wasn't aware of - thin peel I'm not against from a flatness point of view, it's the peel width rather than depth I was wondering about. Just seems too much like emptying a bath with a teaspoon to me.

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Hey Gerry don't you think Chapeller looks hot in her avatar? Sorry, I got carried away.

CuriousPencil's picture
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Why yes, I do think that Villeroy & Boch make a fully comprehensive range of highly effective low-temperature shower solutions Lee, now that you mention it.

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good idea, too difficult for reading

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good idea, too difficult for reading

Boxey's picture
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Better concept than the first. Worse art.

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Marlus Lau
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The typo is very well done.

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