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Random question: Why would you try to cut your bottle with a knife? The others at least make sense to me, although I've seen lots of similar ads.


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i agree... whats the point of cutting the bottle???

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people do cut the plastic case off first.

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Juan Carlos Jav...
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thats right

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yeah dont you usually cut the tin bit off with the little knife on the corkscrew?...this is a bit of a stretch.

anyhow, this exact execution on been done. its cool if people take an idea and run with it by making it better or by putting a different spin on it...but this is just plagarism, plain and simple.

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but wait!!! the cork is still in the bottle, yet the bottle is empty? take a close look.
hm. steak and a nice red sounds great right now.

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Yeah, why an empty bottle, and a photoshoppy cork, those details make a (not so) decent ad a shit.


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daniel upputuru
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daaroo toh phir bhi andar hi hai bhains ki aankh!!!

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