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I'm having a hard time figuring out what the product is or what it does.

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love the talks abt the simpler times and the simpler dial on the has re-introduced the round dial with this phone....took some time to figure out is simply amazing....good work guys

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*Remember when you wished that someone would love you back*

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Yeh... agree with vaseem. nice work.

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Agree with Vaseem, you get it when you see the "Unforgettable" part.

I like it.

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well i dont agree with vaseem.Good illustration

Intelligent ads are the need of the hour.

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I'm amazed. This is art.

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Sorry. The art has no structure, and it's almost impossible to find what they're selling. I thought it was the light bulb until someone in the comments mentioned the dial phone. But it's hidden so deeply that you really dont even notice it -- and when your reader is giving you about eight seconds to make your visual point, this one just squandered it. The illustration itself -- am I missing something here? The swirly branch that leads the eye away from the characters? The near non-relationship between the two figures (What is she looking at?)?

Again, sorry. I'd send it back for a rework.

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