Flying Fox

September 2008
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Some frequent flyers have more to lose than their luggage.
The next time you find yourself pondering the joys of air travel, spare a thought for our flying foxes. Given the choice, they'd gladly swap airline food and over zealous customs agents for the barbed wire fences and power lines that ground many of them permanently. And considering their vital role in pollinating our native forests, it's in all our best interest to keep them airborne. Our volunteers rescue and rehabilitate dozens every year, but there are many they can't save. If you'd like to help, go to and find out how you can become a volunteer.
WIRES - Saving our wildlife from ourselves.

Advertising Agency: Ward 6, Sydney, Australia
Creative Directors: Grant Foster
Illustrator: Richard Price
Copywriter: Hamish Grieve
Art Directors: Richard Price

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You know what annoys me,
President Obama's legal policy,
they are just wrong
sometimes i even cry when i think about them
like now look :'(
so i dont like them much,
Tiny little lambs going into a mulcher .

Get bent 8 }