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Indeed the turkey is wild, but in a can?

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yes, it's called a pre-mix drink, welcome to the 1990's.

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Yum... Turkey in a can.

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this is why you come back and look at what you wrote later, when you're sober. the client is a wildlife rescue organization. i had no idea what they were selling either until i pulled up the website. this is possibly beyond repair, meaning the idea is rotten. sorry, liquor or wildlife, let's pick one and stick with it.

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they aren't selling anything fool. As the copy says, they need volunteers to help rescue animals from situations like the one detailed above. Is english your 3rd language?

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This campaign isn't quick enough. The art direction is sweet, but the lines need to be quicker.

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This one is better..

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The whole campaign is a wash. The art is forced, and the colours are too bright and delicate for the seriousness of rhe message. Not to say that it should be despairing, relentless black, but a more serious tone would seem to be warranted.

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