After 3 days in an air-conditioning duct, it wasn't just his tongue that was blue.
This blue tongue lizard must have been more than a little relieved when one of our volunteers extracted him from his chilly hiding place. One can only hazard a guess as to how he found his way in there, but even a cold-blooded reptile can probably think of a better spot to spend a long weekend. Every day, our volunteers rescue hurt, frightened animals from predicaments like this. If you'd like to help, go to wires.org.au and find out how you can become a volunteer.
WIRES - Saving our wildlife from ourselves.

Advertising Agency: Ward 6, Sydney, Australia
Creative Directors: Grant Foster
Illustrator: Richard Price
Copywriter: Hamish Grieve
Art Directors: Richard Price


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shit man! this is exactly the candle burning at both ends! image is nice and lots of text that rip the ad of!

| Everartz |

brain123's picture
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Art direction is awesome!

teenquey's picture
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i'm left clueless here though...

Whitefang's picture
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that says more about you than the ad.

awenindo's picture
215 pencils

i'll second that

How_Addy's picture
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beautiful work

mark3r's picture
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Personally I don't think it works, too much copy and messy art to me... AdMad makes a good point on how it tricks you at a glance.


vvhisky's picture
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Bad, nice artwork

for a "no copy/paste world day"

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The art could fit a project, but with this copy it's mismatched. Keep thinking!

chrisclv's picture
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i like the air conditioning ducting...haha...but i really dun understands the msg..

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Think it's well written. Sort of long, poeticish blend of information. Probably could have gotten there quicker. But then what I wouldn't read after I gave up on trying to figure out the visual?

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