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Nice one. I heard the line somewhere.... in any movie??

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Sting like a butterfly?!

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Itz a Mohammad Ali line... 'Float like a butterfly...Sting like a bee...'
so d oppositez appropriate for d beginners

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Really nice play on the famous line.

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Nice play on the line. Think you could have pushed the execution though.
A boxing gym has loads of awesome visuals to work with.
Would have been cool to see the copy on a boxing canvas, or a fighter's wraps etc.

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Really a fan of the lines.

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Well done Fredrik. Nice copy on all of them.

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I'd say this is a masterpiece. Wasn't easy to keep up to the same level on 4 executions. This and the "family" one really made me stare at the screen with a satisfaction grin on my face. Thumbs up and long live the long copy!

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Klara K.
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Don't really like the visual but who knows something about boxing will get it.

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the art direction is really horrible

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