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chintan ruparel
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hmm...i like both these except that, the employee seems to be just standing there, waiting for his photo to be clicked for the ad...may b the fellow in motion (as in workin) would seem more natural

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i agree with you. He doesn't have to be doing something with drastic actions, just not standing still. Especially since it is shot 'on location'. And, no it's not nit picking, it's art direction. And unfortunately, it's my life. :)
Good campaign but this execution seems weaker.

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now that's nit picking. Get a life!

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He could have been pointing or holding a file or something. Duh, he could have been moving...or maybe? maybe, the tapes stuck him to the floor?

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File, yes. But taping him to the floor would send out the wrong message...? No?

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