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658 pencils

I like how they have taken shots of buildings from ground and used them as words. Would like to know what this means though.


Have Heart's picture
Have Heart
922 pencils

Ups, this is a really weird coincidence! I like the RENAULT camapign a lot more, since the lines are much better.

Barbara Agatha G.'s picture
Barbara Agatha G.
70 pencils

It is the spitting image of the Renault campaign...How can they approve something like this? Especially since Mercedes and Renaults mostly don't compete in the same segment...It's like Dior ripping off H&M. Weird.

danestevez's picture
115 pencils

Wait a minute, just yesterday i saw exactly this, but i don't remember it was mercedes.... i think it was from lowe porta Chile...

otto54's picture
381 pencils

Naaaaaaaaa, that's strange coincidence...

Perrito's picture
16 pencils

we have two campaign whit the same idea. Don´t matter the copy, because the campaigns used the same insigth and the same way. Sorry guys, you has a good ads, but now not.

drunk dave's picture
drunk dave
1066 pencils

If the e-mail sent around is very popular, don't use it in an ad, because somebody else has exactly the same easy out concept.

paikan07's picture
9 pencils

Mwhahahaha... Good job guys...

Jimmythekid's picture
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I seem to remember CBRE used this typography a few months ago beating Renault and Mercedes to the pip!

Cappellmeister's picture
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The text says:

They sow the wind and reap the fun/spree.

thiso's picture
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its not just the same idea... its nearly the same execution...

simpson_tech's picture
98 pencils

who did it first is the winner, and i think is Chile, but who knows?
Can u tell us Ivan?

xaxa's picture
149 pencils

The winner is Lisa Rienermann. Watch her site.


lchiesi's picture
130 pencils

Come on guys, it's the same thing... absolutely the same...
At least these Jung Von Matt guys had the decency of including Lisa Rienermann in their credits...

There's not much to say about this... Drunk dave just said something right: "If the e-mail sent around is very popular, don't use it in an ad, because somebody else has exactly the same easy out concept."

Yesterday i thought we where seeing an award winning campaign... today, i hope it doesn't win anything...

Sorry for the german agency if Lisa was really working in this project... Shame on Lowe Chile...

Disco Munky's picture
Disco Munky
3890 pencils

So they take pictures out the top of the convertible and make up letters/words with them. That's quite interesting.

They did it more than twice.... makes me think that there is only half an idea and no way of developing this beyond this intitial thought.



Doin' it for the points

yep's picture
50 pencils

Alguien me explica por favor...coincidencia...ahahaahhahahahahahahhahahahah

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17 pencils


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Senhora Kolossa
483 pencils

wtf! seems to be a students work!

ssguixi's picture
213 pencils


first seen it here 2 months ago.

you people...

Spider's picture
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It is the same idea made in Chile and Germany. The question is, who did first??

Admonster80's picture
2 pencils

It looks like chile was first. Check the posting dates......

Martinez's picture
454 pencils

C'mon. Posting dates in AOTW has nothing to do with who is first with the idea. When it is published might be of more interest, but I didn't see any publish date on Renault.

joeBk's picture
85 pencils

good job..keep going.

Davosk's picture
4815 pencils

joelapompe is going to have a 'Lisa Rienermann' section now.

STONLEY's picture
60 pencils

credits ever!!!!

Jimmythekid's picture
4 pencils

CBRE, a property company, used similar typography (using the negative space left by buildings). The ad was aired in England months before the Renault and Mercedes stuff was posted on here...

Fabian Kirner's picture
Fabian Kirner
270 pencils

Unfortunately this campaign was the degree dissertation of a young design student.
That´s propably the reason why there are so many campaigns doing exactly the same...

But I could still puke, since I was having a similar idea for Volkswagen last year...
Was never published. Fuck.

Guest's picture

rough translation,
who rides the wind will reap fun

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