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Luz Valdez
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Excuses coming your way.

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i like this ad the most among all three. i like the art. weld done!!

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54 pencils

I like the idea ....
however, a cup of coffee as big as the ocean is not really a good selling point imo

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Mohammed saeed
17 pencils

I like this advertising because it have more attractive

kgeiger's picture
7085 pencils

The second advert with the ladle is best. The lipstick traces don't give enough comparison and the ocean is just too much.

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The other ones are much better.

Marcelo Andrade - Art director (Brazil)

marcelo_andrade's picture
119 pencils

The other ones are much better.

Marcelo Andrade - Art director (Brazil)

nitin456's picture
133 pencils

its nice.

linotype's picture
69 pencils

the best

monicamexico's picture
830 pencils

This one has been done.

The other two are okay. Not amazing.

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1238 pencils

agree the other two are not amazing, but this one has been done?... where? al least i haven't seen it, please give us the link.
I think this one is by far the best of the three, i like it a lot.
"Ocean is too much"? Precisely, that's the joke. I think it's brilliant.

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6662 pencils

It's good. But it doesn't fit in with the other two

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18 pencils

This one is definitely my favourite!
Overall I think it is a great campaign which is really beautifully and simply thought out and art directed.

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Jarne von Wolfsburg
264 pencils

* * * * *

forget the other visuals of this campaign

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312 pencils

i dont understand the fan club on this page; whats with all the excitement over the old-fashioned hyperbole?

adrianapr's picture
1238 pencils

the new use of the old-fashioned hyperbole.

speaking for myself (and for me and for irene too) i'm not all excited or making a fan club, i just think it's a good ad. I really do.

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440 pencils

whats that? a dirty toilet?

adrianapr's picture
1238 pencils

the art direction definitely needs to improve (A LOT), but hey guys... the idea is cool, and if you don`t like it that's ok but there's no need to be offensive.

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